045 – ServiceAboveSelfRadio – 10th Anniversary Celebration – Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Presidental Series: Meisha Rouser 2013-2014

November 15, 2014

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Meisha Rouser
Kingston North Kitsap Rotary President

Our North Kitsap Rotary Club is proud to include the community as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Join host Dr. Thomas Lamar as he sets out to interview Each and Every One of the 11 presidents that cast vision and lead our club through its beginning decade.

Our most recent year, 2013-2014, was our 10th year as club and the year that our 11th president stepped in to lead.  Inspiring us to “make the change we want to see” was what president Meisha Rouser brought our club as we celebrated our decade milestone of serving the community and the world.

“Making an impact”


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Listen to Meisha’s interview as Incoming President


Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club – 10th Anniversary Celebration

February 1, 2014

10th-Anniversary-KingstonThe Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is celebrating 10 years of service!

Join Dr. Thomas Lamar of Service Above Self Radio for a “Rotary Moment,” as he takes a look back over our community-centric club’s first decade. With the help the presidents who led the charge, Lamar turns back the clock to 2003 and walks the viewer through each and every year to present day — and, in light of the recent passing of our club’s most senior and beloved charter member, Rea Mowery, does it in the spirit of Rea’s Rotary Moments by honoring his commitment of service to Rotary and those who served with him.

Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club

• Presidents:

• Tune in to our Rotary Presidential Series to hear the complete interviews.

• Major fundraisers:

• Join us for lunch: Wednesdays at noon – Kingston Fire Station – Miller Bay Rd

Listen to the Audio:

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