038 – ServiceAboveSelfRadio – 10th Anniversary Celebration – Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Presidental Series: Paulette DeGard 2006-2007

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Paulette DeGard KNK Rotary President 2006-2007

Paulette DeGard
Kingston North Kitsap Rotary President

Our North Kitsap Rotary Club is proud to include the community as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Join host Dr. Thomas Lamar as he sets out to interview Each and Every One of the 11 presidents that cast vision and lead our club through its beginning decade.

2006-2007 was the year that president number 4, Paulette DeGard, took the gavel to lead our club with a focus on getting members engaged — taking ownership and doing the work of the club.

“More than just lunch”

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2006-07_logo_EN_smallWatch our Ten Year Anniversary Video


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